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The Shutter: @SQC, Raga, and Twin Retrenchments

The summertime carnage continues. Yes, ma'am, it's time for another edition of The Shutter. Seen a grate drop for the final time in your hood? Let us know.


1) Upper West Side: Following up on a Shutter report from a few weeks back, photoblogger WhatISee posts the above photo from @SQC and reflects on the closing: "Regretable, since I prefer to wish people well rather than taking joy in their difficult situations. On the other hand, the co-owner and host of this restaurant was incredibly rude to us and some out of town guests. I asked why and she lied to my face. We walked right out of the restaurant. I couldn't help but notice that it was never full whenever I walked by afterwards." [WhatISee]

2) East Village: Emails another tipster, "It appears Raga, the French Indian fusion restaurant on 6th street between 1st ave and ave. A, has closed."

These next two reports fall under the Shutter sub-section of Retrenchment...

3) East Village: "Just tried to go to 9th street market for a little chicken fried steak dinner (i'm originally from texas, give me a break), only to find them closed. i asked around and heard through the grapevine that last saturday night, owner todd schrock (i think that's how you spell it) shut down after service and handed out final paychecks to the kitchen without giving any notice. apparently, they'll still be open for brunch, but i think they were losing too much money on dinner." UPDATE 9/1/06: A 9th Street Market rep emails, "I bring to your attention that Ninth Street Market, after a very brief hiatus, is once again open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday and continues to serve brunch Thursday through Sunday from 10:30am-3:30pm."

4) Lower East Side: "Punch & Judy, on Clinton Street, has stopped serving food, and is now just a bar. It never really found its feet--the menu seem to change radically every couple of months or so. I will miss that wonderful cheese plate, though."

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