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Midtown Lunch Update: Free Chipotle

We hesitate to pass this along, but it is midtown, and it is free. Starting right now, at 11am, it's free burrito day at a new Chipotle at 129 West 48th St. (between Sixth and Seventh Aves.). Let's let Midtown Lunch attempt to come to terms with our collective guilt:

Why is everyone in my office so excited for Chipotle? And why did I get so caught up in it? I don’t even like Chipotle! It just goes to show how starved we are in Midtown for good food. So sick of the same things day after day, a mediocre overpriced McBurrito is like some sort of Holy Grail of dining.
A sadder commentary about midtown dining may never have been written.
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UPDATE: Fear the line, people. We're all guilty.

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