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Langbein: 'I'm sticking with the Dige'

What with Bruni Digest queen Julia Langbein having upped and moved to Chicago (n.b. the farewell party you missed) there's been some question as to whether or not her wildly popular weekly lampooning of Frank Bruni will persevere. From Julia herself:

I was between islands in the Finnish archipelago this Wednesday, couldn't make it happen. I know I've been a little spotty but c'maaan, didntcha see my Microsoft Paint retardo meltdown last week? Eh? Is that the work of a quitter? No. That's the work of a deranged lunatic who's in it for the long haul even if she occasionally finds herself bareback on an archepelagian sheep with no wi-fi.

i.e. The rumors are not true. I'm sticking with the Dige.

An encouraging promise, indeed, though our figures are crossed in the hopes that she can pull it off. As are the Count's, surely.
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