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RUMOR MILL: Moss Hires Mr. Cutlets

Ah, the rumor mill. Such a lovely place to go on a hot afternoon, wouldn't you say? We include all the usual qualifiers on the following, such as that it's unconfirmed, but it does come in on rather good authority. Care to confirm, deny or embellish? It couldn't be easier.

Eater has learned that NY Mag has hired or is about to hire one Mr. Cutlets (egregious soundtrack warning) aka Josh Ozersky (pictured here) to beef-up their online food offerings. Though Mr. Cutlet's area of expertise is beef, as it was related to us the aim here is to create 'blog-like' content for the magazine's site. We imagine Mr. Cutlets will report into web honcho Ben Williams, though little else is clear.

And if there is any truth to said rumor, we congratulate Mr. Cutlets on the new gig. A space on the dance floor is buffed, awaiting his arrival.

CONFIRMATION UPDATE: Mr. Cutlets writes us to clarify: "my area of expertise, strictly speaking is meat, not beef. A wide and wondrous world of edible animals. Thanks for the nice item." No, thank you, Mr. Cutlets.

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