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Le Cirqueus Back in Town: Platt Drops First Review

Like clockwork, Le Cirqueus is back in town. The opening of 3.0 now behind us, it's review time. Bruni will get there, and we're expecting an epic rant from the Cuozz. But, first-out-of-the-gate honors got to one, Adam Platt. His review drop Monday. While NYM has sworn us to secrecy in re the number of stars (hint: it is not five), they did slip us two choice excerpts. Firstly, Platt on designer Tihany:

"This new aesthetic seems to be a deliberate attempt on Maccioni’s part to capture the cool, streamlined spirit of the new millennium. The irony, of course, is that Maccioni remains an unreconstructed gentleman of the old school."
Choice critic ambiguity. It is plausible that he's ramping up to a compliment. But, then, we come to Platt on chef Schaedelin, where there is less guesswork involved:
"The best entrees at the new Le Cirque tend to be the safe and stolid ones as well, the dependable kind of big-ticket items favored by elderly plutocrats with settled tastes and fat pocketbooks."
The full three rings on Monday, we are assured.
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