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Long Time Coming: B&T Set Enjoy Moment in the Sun

Today, in what can only be described as a seminal exclusive, the Post shatters the popular misconception that hot clubs shun the company of the Bridge and Tunnel set. On the contrary, they welcome it and seek non-gasp-Manhattanites out:

Most bartenders will tell you that B&T's tip well, and club owners are thrilled to have them on slower nights. Often, and possibly unwittingly, B&T's tip on top of the 20 percent gratuity that many clubs add to the tab automatically.

[Quo club owner Carlos] Seneca, a Staten Island native, accepts the inevitable jetsetter-to-PATH-taker nightclub life cycle, admitting that being the toast of the town is nice, but hardly compares to making money.

When Quo opened in spring 2003, it was an A-list flavor of the month. Now, at 3 years old, Quo's doubling its rookie-season profits - even as it's lost a bit of its buzz. Seneca blames, and to some degree thanks, the opening of nearby Cain for stealing his VIPs.

As gratifying as this must be for some, there is always Amy Sacco to temper the enthusiasm of the un-cool. She counters with:
"B&T (crowds) are usually badly dressed, too guy heavy ... They're also more likely to stalk celebrities or get into fights over girls."
The last bit notwithstanding, today is nothing if not a banner day for the PATH train.
· Give it up for Bridge and Tunnel [NYP]

BONUS: The Post also points us to NJ Guido, considered the source for B&T intel. Most crushing: no RSS feed.

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