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VITAL UPDATE: Freeman's New Friend in the Alley

From a variety of excellent sources we've received quite a bit of clarification on the project that DARES to exist in the eponymous alley that is home to Freemans Restaurant (chicken or the egg, people). Here is the most concise story:

This is a view of Simon Hamerstien's "The Box." It's a new nightclub due to open in September'ish from the nightlife impresarios that gave us "The Donkey Show." The entrance is on Chrystie Street, but they have emergency exit doors out into the alley. They've been working on it for two years in fits and starts, but it looks like they will get it done sometime this fall.
In this context, we are reminded of an Intelligencer item from more than a year ago, which reported that Freemans owner Taavo Somer is none to happy about his new neighbor, who was promising “We’re going to have limos lining up the alley.”

There was no love lost last February, when Somer reportedly started sabotaging the new venue by taking down one of their Stage Door signs. (Nice touch.) But now, as the opening of the new venue approaches, we find things may have cooled a bit. A source very close to Freemans tells us, "We're adopting a wait and see attitude to what if effect if any this will have on an already crowded alley..." And so, friends, we will do the same.
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