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Kamali Report: Speak, Brite Bar, Opus 22

It's time for another edition of the Kamali Report, in which we chronicle one mad genius's quest to broker a deal for every last liquor license in NY. Today, we find that Steven has secured three new listings: Speak (listed as "Madison Square Park Vicinity"), Brite Bar and, as noted in the Wire, Opus 22 (listed as "West Chelsea"). Certainly, Brite Bar has to be the most appealing of these offerings, as it is located on the corner of 27th Street and Tenth Avenue, across the street from Marquee, at the very epicenter of clubland. If at $5,520 a month one can't make that location work, it's time to hang up one's proverbial cork screw.

Do also consider swanky throwback nightclub Speak. The venue is relatively new, so that is one thing. Plus, the place boasts Shake Shack proximity. Unfortunately, a $399K fixture fee, security deposit of $50K and a monthly of $12.5K to pony up do make this listing a rather serious investment—tying up cash that could be put to better use across the street, circumventing the line.

Finally, there is Opus 22, a club that from its days as Open boasts a superior design aesthetic. It is marred with crime, however, and if circumstances are to be at all similar to those at The Falls, its best to wait and see how it all plays out before going to contract.

Click on through for the full docket; surely there is something among Mr. Kamali's wares that you fancy.
· NYC For Sale: Brite Bar, Opus 22 [Stevens & Co; .pdf download]
· Who is Steven Kamali? (Or: The Broker Puppetmaster Who Wants To Save You From The Shutter) [~E~]

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