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FW: Scam at 55 Bar?

From: [an eater]
Date: Monday, July 10, 2006
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Scam at 55 Bar?

Scam going on? Last Wednesday, I walked into the 55 Bar with a friend, and we ordered drinks, we drank them, we ordered another, paid for it (I had one, she didn't) never got the 3 bucks on ten back for that beer, and I put a 20 dollar bill on the bar near me (not where ya tip), slated for another beer.

The bartender, who was tall, wearing a shirt that said "Healthy Schmealthy", and sporting a weird goatee of complex geometry, swiped that 20 dollar bill right off the bar. Then, I told him "you took my 20", and he said he didn't, and then chatted with the woman that collects the charge for the band, counted the bar money, and looked in the trash can, and came back and gave me a 20 dollar bill, saying that I didn't deserve that, but here it is. I said, 'hmm, maybe I'm crazy. today's your lucky day, if you could just give us the change for the last beer, I'll tip you this twenty."

On top of that, so as to not be a rude patron, I put another twenty out, and said, "i'll have another beer, and I'd like the change."

So, he gave me the 20 he stole, the three bucks he "forgot" to return, and my new twenty, and pocketed it all, making it look like I was being a jerk and tipping heavily out of guilt.

I've been going over the numbers in my head over and over, (I came in with 120 dollars, I know how much I should have had), and there's no other explanation, besides the fact that I saw him swipe the twenty, and I was 20 short (well, 34 if you do the math = 20 + 2 + 12... this gets complicated)...

Is anyone else having this trouble?

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