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Mr. Chow Thanks Cheryl Tiegs

On this, the penultimate day of our Mr. Chow Adventure, we begin mid-S and finish a few Ts short of U. It is a page among pages. One of many first-rate sequences goes something like: Heather Thomas, Kristin Scott Thomas, Emma Thompton (sic), Billy Bob Thornton, Uma Thurman, Cheryl Tiegs, Elizabeth Tilberis, Jennifer Tilly, Meg Tilly, Justin Timberlake, Steve Tisch.

Mr. Chow sure knows a lot of a famous people. One click gets you Bobby Short through Cy Twombly.


Chowfucius says, "GOLD FOR INSPIRATION." And, indeed, this has made things awkward between Quentin Tarantino and the Kurosawa estate.
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