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Shack VIP Service: 'practice is totally unauthorized'

Danny Meyer, the consummate restaurateur, laser-focused on ensuring customer satisfaction, was none too happy to hear that his employees may or may not be scalping double shack burgers for upwards of $1,000. Through his public relations office, we've received the following statement:

We were so disappointed to read this story, and would be shocked and saddened to find out if this incident actually occurred. This practice is totally unauthorized by our company and completely goes against our philosophy. In fact, one of the things people most love about Shake Shack is our democratic approach to serving the public.

As an example, a few Sundays ago, a USHG PR official went to the shack with her husband and baby. The line was so long, they decided not to wait. Instead they just sat on a park bench. A few minutes later, they noticed Danny Meyer's wife and children on line, at the end of the line. Apparently, they waited approximately an hour to get their food! Additionally, we do not have a phone line for people to call in orders.

So while our investigation into the Shack Payola continues (informants welcomed with open arms here) a bigger question now exists: Is your satisfaction so important to Danny Meyer that he has actually withheld the VIP number from his own wife and kids? De-vel-o-ping.
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