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Mr. Chow Thanks Lindsay Lohan

On day three of our trek down Mr. Chow Lane, we arrive mid-J and end mid-L and we find such names as Evel Knievel and k.d. Lang; and the following sequence: Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Limato, Viscount Linley, Art Linson, Ray Liotta, Lucy Liu, LL Cool J, Lindsay Lohan.

Do click to see another whole page of Chow name dropping goodness for yourself.


Of course, "GOLD FOR INSPIRATION." Tomorrow, we find out if Quentin Tarantino receives the inspired status afforded to his idol, Akira Kurosawa.
· Mr. Chow Thanks Dakota Fanning [~E~]
· Mr. Chow Thanks Jermoe Bettis [~E~]