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Week In Reviews Special Le Cirque Edition

A late-breaking addition to this morning's review wrap is a review of dining at the Le Cirque bar by Bloomberg's Ryan Sutton—a man who, it must be noted, works inside the very building that houses Sirio's latest incarnation. To the review:

On Thursday, I walked in alone. Neither hostess greeted me; only a coat checker smiled and offered to take my bag. A bustling bar was filled with polished men and attractive women wearing costly clothes. Many looked older than 50. No Bar Menu?... A few minutes later, the intoxicating smell of goat cheese wafted past the bar. I was ebullient. But the barman took the tarte and served it to a few well- suited gents next to me. They were also snacking on what looked like slices of foie gras on toast.

The bar suddenly seemed less than egalitarian. Walking into an inhospitable restaurant can feel like attending a party where nobody knows you and nobody cares.

Ruth Reichl circa 1996, anyone? Le Cirque 3.0: the more things change...
· Waiting to Be Ignored at Sirio Maccioni's Le Cirque [Bloomberg]