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Ask Eater (Emergency Edition!): 787 Seventh Avenue

Certain friends of Eater -- the ones who work for Citigroup, to be exact -- have just relocated from Tribeca to Seventh and 52nd Street. As you might imagine, this is somewhat disorienting from a culinary perspective. One note we've received:

I am here at 787 Seventh Avenue. Pretty cool. Going to brave my first lunch today. I would very appreciate any guidance in terms of restaurants, take out, drink places that you like. Thanks.
Thoughts here, people? Answers to be posted after the jump as they come in.

· For a nicer lunch Bar Americain is really quite good, plus they have Kentucky Hot Brown, and the Modern is nice for a drink. On the cheaper side Daisy May BBQ has a cart that's usually parked on 49th just West of 6th Ave. It's a tough neighborhood though food-wise mostly chains and such. Thank god for the unlimited ride MetroCard...

· Add Global Kitchen to the mix for sandwiches, salads etc. Let us not forget the pushcart of all pushcarts, winner of the vendy awards - the hallo berlin cart on 54th just west of 5th.

· street meat on the corner of 56th and 7th is pretty damn good. go with the grilled chicken platter + hot sauce and white sauce. pita on the side if you're so inclined...

· As a current daytime resident of 787, I offer the following:

Cite Grill -- a step up from the deli's, etc. which line 51st Street (but not quite as nice as Bar Americain). Try sitting at the bar. Full of lunchtime "regulars" (787 South, so to speak?). Beware of wine week -- it's a zoo. While it's bigger sibling - Cite - adjoins, the Grill is far more relaxed and a better lunchtime option.

The bar at Piano Due is a quiet place for a drink after work. The Sandro Chia mural of the Palio still graces the walls in the vaulted first floor, horse-shoe bar. Order appetizers at the bar for a light snack.

Haven't found a solid deli that's worth mentioning (unless you like the massive offerings from Carnegie up the block - a good place for a pastrami fix, though); Duke's (on 51st) just opened and isn't too bad.

Would love to hear of a good burger joint in the area.

· So many options in Midtown West! For cheap eats check out: El Papasito, Uncle Nick’s, Old San Juan
For amazing burgers try: Burger Joint at the Parker Meridian
For street eats go for: Moshe’s Falafel truck on W.46th and 6th
For a cultural twist visit: Café 5 at the MoMA
For upscale business lunches head to: Del Frisco’s, Bar Americain, Le Bernardin
For soups and salads eat at: Café Duke, Bistro, Le Pain Quotidien
Best cheesecake: D’aiuto’s on Eighth Ave and 52nd. Pozza Pastry isn’t bad either…

· You are only a few blocks from Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridian. I
suggest going every day.