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EaterWire: Choux Factory, Tini, AvroKO, Le Gamin

Today's dose of EaterWire, here to keep the beasts at bay.

· The Upper East Side's Choux Factory is closed...for violations? From a tipster: "The beloved Choux Factory on 87th and 1st is closed! They say it's due to "renovation", but the yellow sticker from the Department of Health says otherwise! " [EaterWire Inbox]

· Red Hook, so hot right now. Amy Langfield reports (from the horse's mouth itself): "Tini will be next to LeNell's. Leisah Swenson and I (Monica Byrne) are partnering with Tina Luongo, and Diana Acevedo who owned Red Hook Pet Provisions. Tini will be a tiny wine bar featuring artisan cheeses, cured meats, pate, olives, organic salads from the Red Hook- Added Value Farm, and panini. In addition to wine and beer, we will offer espresso, teas, and wonderful soft drinks including and old fashioned Brooklyn Egg Cream! Hopefully our doors will be open in Early July!!!" [Langfield]

· AvroKO is not taking Mekong, is taking Nolita. From a tipster: "Avroko wanted Mekong...but waaaay to expensive from what I hear. Instead they are taking the old Tai restaurant..." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Manon, closed for a while, has been replaced by another outpost of French chain Le Gamin. Word on the street: " The new restaurant is almost ready, the name is "Le Gamin" and seems to be French as its predecessor." [EaterWire Inbox]