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Help Wanted: Interns!

Still looking for that perfect summer internship? Did you get an offer from MTV but pass because you heard that there was nothing good to eat at The Lodge? Today is your lucky day. Eater is looking for a few good interns to round out our editorial staff. Responsibilities include: combing through press sources for prime NY intel, pitching and writing Eater (and perhaps Curbed) posts, and (yes!) scouting new venues and going to tasting events.

The ideal interns will be motivated by eating and willing to work early morning hours; Moveable Type, Photoshop and mapping skills are a plus, too.

Interested candidates should email us with your resume (no attachments, please) and a few sentences on why you are off-your-rocker excited at the chance to work for Eater. If you have a blog or website of your own, links are invited. The sooner you email, the sooner you’ll be hired. Or not, if you use the word foodie anywhere in your email.

Don't delay. Internships are going fast!