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Eater Inside: Trinity Place

[Kalina, 5/16/06.]

2006_06_trinityB.jpgThis is the recently opened Trinity Place, located in the former US Realty Bank Vault at Trinity and Cedar. In a building at dates to the 19th Century, the accents here are decidedly Irish, thanks to designer Brian McDonald of Design Farm, which, per press materials, claims some of the flashier joints in Ireland. Proprietors are Jason O'Brian and Katie Connolly and the chef is Donal Crosbie (CV highlights: Morell, Danube, Spago). The menu boasts a Kobe Burger (jury still out) and is for the most part standard NY-American fare.

Though its location has kept it from garnering too much attention, it may prove a good hip pocket choice for the Wall Street. Final words from the official release, for you to take or leave: "The dining room exudes wealth with a mahogany bar spanning the length of the room and inviting patrons to lounge back and relax in the comfortable brown leather booths lining the walls."

Further reading at Test of Will, Urbandadady and at the official site.

Trinity Place
Financial District, Bar, Irish, Vault, Kobe Burger
115 Broadway (at Cedar St), 212-964-0939