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Mr. Chow Thanks Jerome Bettis

On Friday, Men.Style ran a story on Mr. Chow and a "collector's edition" book that was being given out at the Tribeca restaurant during early weeks of service. It turns out that Eater, too, is in possession of said book, and Men.Style reminds us that it is quite a read. By design, it is, as a waiter told it to us, a love letter from Mr. Chow to his many celebrity friends who have dined at the restaurant over the course of time. A thank you note, if you will. In practice, it is the most massive name dropping exercise in history: a 16-page list of all the celebrities who have, supposedly, dined at the restaurant. Absurd, pretentious, contrived, and mostly insane; it is the ultimate look inside the mind of the consummate madman.

We're going to be publishing one of our favorite pages of the book every day this week, so that you can enjoy it for yourself. Today, just ahead, we'll start at the top, with the As and Bs. Do not miss the sequence that goes, Ingrid Bergman, Jim Berkus, Milton Berle, Halle Berry, Bernardo Bertolucci, Jerome Bettis.


Mr. Chow notes, "GOLD FOR INSPIRATION," which is an important clarification. We had assumed gold indicated a preference for the green prawns.
· Mr. Chow: Over a billion famous people served [Men.Style]