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EaterWire: FR.OG, Robuchon, More D'Or Ahn and AvroKO

Time for the week's first EaterWire, here to cure any case of the Mondays. Rumors, speculations, and the occasional cold hard fact still strongly encouraged.

· FR.OG coming soon in SoHo. Strong tells all: "Philip Kirsh, the owner of Aix, and chef Didier Virot (also of Aix) have just signed a lease for a new restaurant in Soho. The restaurant will be called FR.OG, which stands for French Origins or France Origine. Virot’s menu will feature the cuisine of countries that have had extensive influence from the French—Lebanon, Vietnam, and Morocco. The wine list will have a strong French and South African presence. The restaurant is slated to open in September. FR.OG will be located at 71 Spring Street, across the street from Balthazar. More to come." [Strong]

· An official update on Joel Robuchon's long-planned New York outpost: "Regarding L’Atelier at The Four Seasons, the restaurant MAY be open this summer but will definitely be open by September." [EaterWire]

· Answers to last week's D'Or Ahn closing: "I walked by tonight around 7 on the way to a gallery opening. It had a sign that said they would be closed for one week, and there were people working inside." [EaterWire Inbox]

· But more questions on mysterious NoLiTa space, last week guessed to be still another AvroKO: "Just an FYI…a few months ago I called to inquire about the space where Mekong once stood, and the leasing agent said that it was going to be for dry use only, so we may be wrong on that being the new AvroKo spot. " [EaterWire Inbox]