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E.U. Takedown Update: Love Thy Neighbor

Hey, it's the weekly E.U. update from The Villager! When last we left our East 4th Street shuttered gastropub friend, a beer and wine license was looking 50/50. Seems a block association meeting last week has boosted those odds to, let's say, 75/25. And then there's this genius observation:

"I'd like to see something work out," said Frank Macken, the block association president, who previously opposed a liquor license for E.U. "It could be a model for the kind of restaurant we'd like to have in our neighborhood.”
Hey, that only took eight months.
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BONUS: Speaking of Avenue B and environs, The Villager also confirms the word on the street that neighborhood institution Snack Dragon Taco Shack is poised to return to the neighborhood, around the corner from its former home to East 3rd between A and B. Sez The V, "There’s also a basement space, which Jansen will either turn into a basement taco lounge or a video facility." So, who's got our plywood?
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