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EaterWire: Le Kiosk Closed, Flo's Report, Anzu, Shack Too?, Cafe Fuego

· BREAKING: So Le Kiosk has closed. Even First Park, where it is/was situated, has closed. A notice says "Le Kiosk is under new management", but I know for a fact that the city did not renew Pierre Reveille's lease. Anyone know what's coming next? Can we chain ourselves to the fence and demand the return of the Frenchman and his food?? [EaterWire Inbox]

· Her royal Fabness: Bondi, S'mac open; Gecko Grill, essentially an installation at the Museum of Natural History is open through September. [NYT/Flo]

· D'or Ahn reopens as Anzu (pictured) before we had a chance to deathwatch it, changes almost nothing. Still good for dates. [Urbandaddy]

· I hear that the Madison Square Park Conservancy is mulling over another "Shack" type establishment in the Park. No decisions have been made, but it won't necessarily be run by Danny Meyer; no doubt some of the newer area players would love the publicity. [EaterWire Inbox]

· Cafe Fuego, the new cuban spot on St Marks, is finished its renovation and is hiring for all positions. [EaterWire Inbox]