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BruniBetting: Mr. Chow

Tomorrow, for reasons completely unknown, Mr. Frank takes a walk on the wildly irrelevant side and reviews Mr. Chow Tribeca. Today, begrudgingly, the Eater oddsmakers set the action, and it is as follows:

Zero Stars (Satisfactory): EVEN
Zero Stars (Good): 3-2
One Star: 2-1
Two Stars: 10-1
Three Stars: 20-1
Four Stars: 20,000-1
The only review less relevant than one of Mr. Chow Tribeca would be one of Mr. Chow on 57th Street. The jury has already reached a verdict about the horror show that is this restaurant. More to the point, anyone still eating at Mr. Chow cares little about the quality of the food. We are likely in for a Bruni rant in which he complains about service, name drops, and mentions fleeting moments of culinary achievement overshadowed by the unmistakable air of overpriced and ostentatious mediocrity. If he gives it even one star it will be because he was star struck and liked the green prawns. The Eater money is on a ruling of zero stars (Satisfactory). Anything more and we may have to go dark on the man until August.
· Mr. Chow [NYT; after 9:30 PM]