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New-Bu: The Mats Drops 5 New Dishes

The Daddy scores a massive exclusive today with the details on Nobu's five new off the menu dishes, available as of last Friday by special request only. These official unofficial options join the ranks of such masterpieces as the miso black cod in lettuce wraps and that crazy lobster mizu tempura business. Among the best-sounding newbies, per Urbandaddy's list:

Curry Anago Tempura:

"This isn't your average finger food app. These chunks of sea eel (not to be confused with its less hard core cousin unagi, or freshwater eel) are battered in a light tempura and topped off with some coarse curry salt for a kick (after all, what's eel without kick)."

Fluke Sashimi With Dried Miso:

"This is sure to be Nobu san's next signature sashimi dish. The fluke is sheet-thin and magnificent, the dried miso melts in your mouth, and the small garlic chips with yuzu juice and olive oil all spell out simple perfection."

Of course, The Mats is a notoriously shady character when it comes to his off the menu offerings, so for some these will be familiar sounding. For most, however, we suspect a trip to Tribeca is in order.
· No-Boo-Ya [Urbandaddy]

RESY Watch:
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