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Two Is A Trend: Bars Are the New Bodegas

Today we bring you Two Is A Trend, a new feature, perhaps regular, with which we will conduct our most mind-blowing trend spotting. As the title suggests, two is the new three. By way of demonstration (and for your records) the ugly chair business has been retroactively categorized as a Two Is A Trend item. With thanks to a friend of the Eater for the inspiration.


In less than a week's time, news breaks that (not one, but) two Brooklyn bodegas are getting upgrades. Or, depending on your disposition, downgrades:

1) Ft. Greene, corner of Lafayette and S. Elliot: "So this bodega closed over a year ago. the sign on the side says it's going to be a bar and grill called Mullanes." As a side matter to this discussion, our correspondent also notes, "I guess that's going to happen soon, as the banner on the front says it will be done in time for the world cup (whoops!). Maybe it's going to have a deconstructionist kind of vibe for the interior. Whatever. So long as it's done in time for the finals."

2) Rumors are swirling that Al's Grocery, a longtime fixture a the corner of 3rd Street and Hoyt, is about to be replaced by a jazz bar. "Ours is a quiet residential block with a lot of young families recently moved in and far removed from the commercial bustle of Smith Street," writes one concerned neighbor. "We're not looking forward drunks sitting on our stoops or pissing in our already-truncated front yards." [Brownstoner]

Trendwatching and want to share? We're all ears.