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The Shutter: Cassis on Stone, Cellars?, L'Acajou (Elegy)

Slam! That sound you hear is a venue's protective grate slamming down for the final time. That's right, it's time for another installment of The Shutter. Be very afraid.

2006_06_cassis.jpg1) Downtown: An Eater reader emails, "Cassis (right), an awful restaurant on Stone Street next to Adrienne's has closed. Paper in the window suggests a changing of the guard. Could bode well for the Wall Street set." (N.B. Not to be confused with Bistro Cassis on West 14th.)

2) Fort Greene: A possible shutter posted by a Chowhounder: "Last night I walked by Cellars, on DeKalb between Vanderbilt & Clinton, (yes, the place that offers free food with every drink) and was suprised to see it closed. Doors locked, no lights, no people, and no signs anywhere suggesting they were closed temporarily or permanently. Kind of unusual for a Wednesday night. Does anyone know what the situation is? Has this long-time fixture closed?"

3) Chelsea: A Shutter elegy, from an Eater reader: "L'Acajou on West 19th Street did indeed close back sometime in winter 2006. I miss the ambiance, the fine french food and the fabulous bar menu. Where oh where to get a steak frite now? On their window was a parting message..."Gone fishing. After 15 years, we'd just like to say 'So long, and thanks for all the fish!'"