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Plywood Report: HipHop SodaShops, Dos Caminos Third Ave., Sauce, The Snug, &c.

A distinct lack of glorious digital photographs will not halt us. The Plywood, it is here. Seen some of your own? The tipline awaits—with gold stars for your finest digital pix.

1) Harlem/Union Square: This unlikely neighborhood pairing is brought to you by HipHop SodaShops, a new national franchise chain slated to open its doors later this summer. According to Crain's, the 3,500 square foot Union Square location will open first, followed by the 2,500 square foot space on 125th Street in Harlem (the chain's flagship). The following menu items are hereby presented without commentary: "HipHop SodaShop boasts a menu of rap-inspired healthy fast-food such as MC's Hammajamma, a ham and cheese 'rap' laced with strawberry jam, 'Ja Rula's Tuna Meltdown' and 'Snoop's drop it like it's Hot Dogg.' Salads, called 'hi-greens,' are more marijuana-influenced with names like 'Toast'd Thai.'" [PLYWOOD, YO]

2) East 50s: Because Steve Hanson does not sleep, this PR email (mirrored here) does not surprise: "Dos Caminos is heading to Midtown! In September 2006, our third Dos Caminos restaurant will open on the corner of 50th Street and Third Ave. Get ready for a grande fiesta – Dos Caminos Third Avenue will feature 11,000 square feet of space spread over three floors as well as an outdoor café." [PLYWOOD, we assume]

3) Chelsea: "Just walked by the Parish & Co. space at 202 Ninth Avenue. It looks like the place is closed, and about to re-open as something called Sauce, at least according to the signage. The menu looks drastically different, but at least part of it keeps the Parish habit of offering both appetizer and entree portions of many of their dishes." [PLYWOOD]

4) Hell's Kitchen: "Do you have any idea what happened to The Wee Pub on Ninth Avenue around 51st? I live in the HK and passed by for months as it looked completed but not open. I went on vacation for a few weeks at the end of May and when I came back it seemed to have opened, closed, the 'Wee' sign was taken down and a tiny sign on the door now hangs promoting . . . 'Coming Soon - The Snug.'" [POST-PLYWOOD?]

5) Williamsburg: Eater correspondents whisper that workers are getting spaces ready for two new eateries on North Fourth Street between Bedford and Roebling. One is a San Loco, an outpost of the East Village/LES Mexican chain. The other is Banbalotto, a Mediterranean restaraurant and hooka bar. [PLYWOOD]

After the jump, Plywood hits the old Mandoo Bar space in the Central Village. Plus: a Lower East Side double-dip. Do join us on the other side of this link.

2) Central Village: "Mandoo Bar (71 University b/w 10th and 11th) recently closed, and plywood went up yesterday. Not sure if it is just for the demolition, or if someone has leased the space." [PLYWOOD]

3) Lower East Side: "So Fu Hau kitchen at 123 Ludlow st lease is up in September. The owner of Tides and Dash Dogs has already signed the new lease and the Fu Hao Kitchen will be no more, another trendy food place on Ludlow is coming." [PRE-PLYWOOD]

4) Lower East Side: Finally, regarding the mysterious Marshall Stack Restaurant, revealed in a special midweek plywood report, a tipster whispers, "I will have more info for you in about a week. Stay tuned!" Rest assured, we will. [POST-PLYWOOD]