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EaterWire AM Edition: Wolfgang's, Bistro Du Vent, Ramsay, Stupak, Flo Fabness

· "Just an FYI, Wolfgang's TriBeCa is still not open, precisely two weeks after you wrote in Eater: The official word of "another week or two" has become, "it should be another week or two; we're just waiting on some inspections." In fact, the restaurant had told me "another week or two" about a week before that. So, they've been in limbo for at least three weeks. When you go by there in the daytime, they have all the tables set, as if they think the permits are coming in another 30 seconds or so. [EaterWire Inbox]

· "I was cycling by [Bistro Du Vent] and noticed signs up about pending liquor license review for "Ollie's" (I'm assuming the Chinese food of the same name is opening up there)." [eGullet]

· Keil Dish: Gordon Ramsay's NYC opening delayed; "September" now "sometime this fall." [NYP, Keil]

· Sun Dish: Alex Stupak, pastry chef at Chicago's Alinea, will be making the move to WD-50 by the end of July; Brian Young leaves the kitchen at Mainland, "not by his choice." [NY Sun]

· Flo Fabness: La Moelle to replace Brothers Bar-B-Cue; and Chat Noir a collab of Quentin Danté, owner of Noodle Bar, and Suzanne Latapie, wife of La Goulue owner, François Latapie. [NYT, Flo Fab]