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ShackCam Breaking Update: Mac Dashboard Widget

Ã?bertechnologist Justin Blecher has some, shall we say, issues, with the Shake Shack's new ShackCam. They were issues he was soon sworn to correct:

Problem is, the webcam is a Flash movie embedded in a big web page and doesn't look all that pretty. Worse, it doesn't even display the frozen custard flavor of the day! To sum it up: It's not terribly convenient.

We have the technology. We can rebuild it. I present to you the (unofficial) Shake Shack Widget. A live webcam image of the Shake Shack line combined with Custard Calendar data. All presented in a Mac OS X Dashboard Widget. Good Lord, technology is amazing.

We are, it is safe to say, agog. (Our thanks to Justin for the Eater exclusive.) Requires Mac OS X 10.4, so if you've got the tools, we recommend an immediate download. And if you happen not to have switched to a Mac, we'd wager this is the Killer App that will tip you over the edge.
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