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Deathwatch Close Call: Askew

Though the vote was extremely close, NYU-vicinity tapas entry Askew will not get Deathwatched today. There were those who said, "take the candy from this baby," but in the end cooler heads prevailed. That is not to say we won't use the venue as an exercise in spotting PR desperation. Observe.

October 2005: Askew opens and in PR materials is described as "Manhattan's coolest modern dining bar" and a place that "offers delicious and creative global tapas, with explosive flavors to nibble on...and to share, in a stylish vibrant setting."

June 2006: New PR unit in tow, Askew launches an image campaign, using the following language: "Askew's Executive Chef Chris Lim presents inventive, quality small plates minus the fuss and price tag of its fine dining counterparts. Tailored for sharing, guests can easily enjoy a meal of multiple small plates for under $25 and experience many sophisticated flavors."

Who sees what we see?