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EaterWire: Stage Deli, D'Or Ahn, Yet More AvroKo

This closes out the first week of the daily EaterWire, Eater's new end-of-day compendium of breaking tidbits from our inbox, from our own reconnaissance, and from the ether. Your tip here makes all our days a little brighter. You know the drill, yes?

· Stage Deli open anew after health shutdown! A tipster writes: "It was open for breakfast this morning, with blissfully ignorant tourists happily chowing down in front of the windows." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Trouble at D'Or Ahn: "tried to go to d'or ahn yesterday. called their phone number for several days before and no one ever picked up the phone. went to their website and requested a reservation by filling out their form on their website...have any more info. on the D'or Ahn mystery? ... and why couldn't they have an answering machine with a message on it or changed their automatic response e-mail to let us know they were closed????!!!!???" [EaterWire Inbox]

· Yet more AvroKo: "Avroko is getting to open another restaurant in NoLita. Dicey info follows: A 2 story spot a couple of blocks from Public that used to be a Thai spot? Sorry but that's what I know!!" Perhaps the space on Prince that used to be Mekong? We'd say so, but the two-story thing is throwing us off. Pondering... [EaterWire Inbox/Staff]