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Launches & Releases: Eating Chowhound?

News on erstwhile food message board Chowhound from the Wall Street Journal:

As anyone who's ever scanned the site knows, Chowhound's plodding, primitive message-board software makes, the famously no-frills online community bulletin board, seem state-of-the-art. No more. I got a sneak peek at the new site and found a highly polished graphical interface and infinitely more user-friendly message boards... Within a month or so, Chowhound will become part of a much broader new CNET food Web site called, although will still be accessible as an independent site. The people at CNET say they also intend to broaden Chowhound's horizons; currently it centers mostly on a few big U.S. cities.
No content on yet, but a place to give them your email address is functioning. N.B. also coming with the Chowhound redesign: "a new requirement that users register to post messages." Expect a commensurate drop in post volume, offset with a likely rise in signal to noise.
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