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E.U. Takedown Update: Beer and Wine looking '50/50'

For the second time in two weeks, The Villager has a lengthy update on the driest place in NY, E.U. Temporarily closed, Bob Giraldi's gastropub awaits word on its application for a license to serve wine and beer. Whereas last week there seemed to be a glimmer of hope for the venue, this week brings word that E.U.'s chances are not better then '50/50':

Ellyce di Paola, a member of the block association who lives two doors down from E.U., of which she has been a vocal opponent, said the block association, in its letter inviting Giraldi to the meeting, specifically asked him to give a presentation on the restaurant. But Giraldi declined, saying the presentation was the month that the gastropub was open. There was some discussion of what Giraldi might do to appease neighbors, such as stipulations on hours of operation, local hiring and trash collection. But these arrangements will be worked out if the block association agrees to negotiate.

“He said he had no presentation ready. He wanted to talk agreements, terms,” di Paola said. “We said, ‘That’s not why we had the meeting.’ ”...

Last Friday, di Paola said she thinks the block association members are “leaning in favor of opposing,” yet she has also recently said it was looking “50/50” whether they’ll reject the beer and wine application.

Plus, the 500-foot rule continues to rear its ugly head:
Deputy Inspector Dennis De Quatro, Ninth Precinct commanding officer, said he’s not going to weigh in on the debate other than to support his previous letter to the State Liquor Authority asking that the 500-foot rule be enforced. Under this rule, the only way a liquor license can be granted to a new bar or restaurant that is within 500 feet of existing liquor licenses is for the S.L.A. to rule that issuing the license would be in the “public interest.”
The vote is slated to take place this week. Meanwhile, the Eater vigil continues.
· No one wants to be defeated in restaurant rumble [Villager]

BONUS E.U.AGE: Do you recall the flicker -- or, if you will, ray -- of light we mentioned last week? Though we are still bound by NDAs up the wazoo, we can say that should the license not pan out, Bob has a high-profile suitor looking to take the venue off his hands to open a family-oriented hamburger joint-type restaurant.