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EaterWire: Mehanata Mess, Trinity Place, Provence en Boite, Soho Cantina

Today we bring you a whopper of a Wire, caliente edition. And remember, we count on you for growing questions and thorough theories. Which brings us to...

2006_06_mehanata-thumb2.jpg · A report, via Bruner, from the re-opening of the Bulgarian Bar aka Mehanata, that really makes us wish we'd been there: "We were drunk, smoking dope inside, it was great. Asses in our faces, boobs. And then Christy noticed a few burly guys with batons standing behind the blue haired guy in the fishbone shirt. And then the lights went on, the music went out and there were 20 cops and 20 batons, yelling they were closed, to move upstairs and out. Upstairs there were a few firemen, ushering everyone out onto the street.

I tried to ask a cop on the sidewalk what was up with raid. He said and I'm quoting exactly: Don't touch me and move over there." Dude. [Bruner]

· Trinity Place opens for real, for true, tomorrow. Strange. We thought it's been open for weeks. Also, there is a bank vault. [Keil]

After the jump, questions, theories, and answers.

· Question from a reader: "i heard a rumor that Josh DeChellis has departed Jovia? any news on this?" Answer from FloFab: "Josh DeChellis will leave Jovia on July 7. He will still consult for Sumile." What's that they say? "Nobody survives a Deathwatch...." [EaterWire Inbox/Off the Menu]

· Provence en Boite reopens in Carroll Gardens tomorrow. FloFab expands on the original (and thorough) tip. "In addition to a Provençal menu featuring bouillabaisse, stuffed vegetables and fougasse (a kind of French focaccia), they have a retail counter where they sell homemade pastries and ice creams. Mrs. Bernat also sells napkins and other items from the south of France." Tres charming. [Off the Menu]