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Plywood Report: Bonus LES Update Edition

The Plywood usually waits til Friday, but this week, these reader updates will wait not. Two follow-up reports on last Friday's good wood from the Good Old Lower East Side...


1) Regarding the oddly shaped space on the southeast corner of Allen and Houston, blogger Kathryn Yu sends along the above photo she took in November before the plywood came off. Aha! Confirms a separate tipster, "It's a coffee shop called Sugar. They put the pastry-type display cases in over the weekend. The same guy who did the renovations for Pala is doing these renovations - saw him getting a ticket from the cops on Saturday, due to the total sidewalk blockage caused by Sugar's and the monolithic hotel construction just south of there. The inside of Sugar is gorgeous, floor to ceiling wide-plank hardwood, though I'm not sure another coffee shop is especially needed in the 'hood... great location though, and part of the conversion of a much-neglected block of the LES into something more neighborhood-appropriate." [POST-PLYWOOD]

2) Regarding a Rivington Street Aussie newcomer, a reader emails, "I live right across the street from Bondi Road and have been excited about its pending opening for some time now. That is until Saturday night. My girlfriend and I were walking back to my place and were astonished to see people in the space that is supposed to be Bondi Road. What was so disappointing about this was the sun glass wearing bouncer in front and the oh so fabulous upper east side transplants inside, complete with tacky fluorescent lighting. I had thought this place would be a laid back fish and chips joint but it looked more like meatpacking east. I'm hoping that someone just rented the space out before it becomes the restaurant. You guys know anything about this?" [POST-PLYWOOD]

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