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EaterWire: S'Mac, More McNally, More Black Pearl?,

· Over our transom: "S'mac. New mac & cheese place that is dangerously close to opening on 12th between 1st and 2nd, after months of no work being done. The interior is hyper modernist airport lounge. Stands for Sarita's Mac & Cheese." If by "Sarita's Mac & Cheese" you mean "Brilliant." [EaterWire]

· In re yesterday's wire report about McNally having poached rock star Jody Williams for his own West Village Ital (in its plywood glory above), word from official sources is that 'she's absolutely not going anywhere and remains the executive chef at Gusto.' Elisa Sarno, per chance has your phone been ringing lately? [EaterWire]

· A dose of skepticism dousing yesterday's Black Pearl theory: "I rather doubt that it would be a new incarnation of Black Pearl, as the owners of Discovery were very friendly with the Black Pearl guys, and they hadn't even noticed the lobster signs, and said they knew nothing about it." Need-to-know level raised to red. [EaterWire Inbox]