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BruniBetting: Dona

Tomorrow, the F Bomb will drop on Dona. Today, the Eater oddsmakers have set the action as follows:

Zero Stars (Good): 15-1
One Star: 6-1
Two Stars: 4-1
Three Stars: 14-1
Four Stars: 15,000-1
In contrast to the value of the BruniCurve in the context of, say, Dressler, for a place like Dona the curve is downright scary. The Frank will have high expectations for the venue, Donatella Arpaia and Michael Psilakis' greco-italian restaurant on East 52nd Street, which makes for exciting betting opportunities. If his expectations are met, he's going to toy with the idea of three stars; if the venue falls short, he's going to want to pull the one star trigger faster then you can say, "Morimoto." But, if, like many men before him, he's charmed by the virtuous Donatella (or, as the case may be, Michael), Dona is looking at a minimum of two stars. Factor in Platt having enjoyed himself -- and that Bruni enjoys the Greek food -- and you've got a three-star bet is not complete insanity. All that said, however, even for Frank three stars don't grow on trees; what with A Voce and all, our money is on two stars.
· Dona [NYM]
· Dona [NYT; after 9:30 PM]