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Eater Inside: Knife + Fork

[Kalina, 6/11/06.]

Destined to become all the rage with the culinary set, this is Damien Brassel's Knife + Fork, a 36-seater in the East Village. At 30, Brassel's CV already lists works at various Michelin-starred venues across Europe, including Peacock Alley, where we was at one time head chef. Here, he is promising a 'Modern European' menu, which includes such dishes as Lavender Rubbed Duck Breast with Caramelized Parsnips and Red Onion Marmalade. If two is a trend, then credit Knife + Fork and Little Owl for revisiting the idea of veteran chefs working out of sub-50-seat venues.

Further reading at the Sun, DailyCandy, ForkAndPen, Menu Pages, and the official site.

Knife + Fork
Damien Brassel, 36-seater, Michelin-starred, Modern European
108 East 4th Street, 10003, 212-228-4885
Open Tuesday-Sunday; Closed Monday