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EaterWire: McNally Genius, Chinatown, Black Pearl?, 12"

To start the week, we've got troubling mysteries and mysterious trouble. And, just below, a bonus, never-before-seen Kalina of Chinatown Brasserie's private party room! In other words, it's business as usual.


· McNally Genius Edition: Swirling McNally rumors become certainty as it looks like Gusto executive chef Jody Williams is leaving to take over the kitchen at Keith's new (as-yet-untitled) Italian place on 7th and Charles, which, to put into battle context, is just two blocks from Gusto. Up next: a limping Graydon Carter. [EaterWire]

· Chinatown Brasserie starts lunch service today, with outdoor table service to follow next Monday. Apparently, "spiffy heatlamps will extend outdoor season into November." Swell. [EaterWire]

Ahead, a potential break in the lobster sketch caper, and (hopefully temporary) troubles for LES's 12".

2006_06_lobster2.jpg· A possible answer to last week's East Village lobster-plywood mystery, from a tipster who would know: "As a betting man, I’d wager the mysterious lobster may signal the return of Black Pearl to the neighborhood. But I know nothing. Still, it’s around the corner from the old locale..." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Down on the wacky wild LES, the 12" Bar (12" Bar, for those who speak MySpace) is closed while they, cryptically, "sort out some issues that came up with the Vice Squad," and—because they can—renovate. Expect re-opening by, they say, Wednesday. [EaterWire]