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Le Cirqueus: Where's Siberia?

Yesterday marked the official public opening of the new Le Cirque. As such, the jockeying for primo dining room real estate now begins in earnest. Snack's Jennifer Leuzzi, who dropped by for a friends and family meal Saturday night, susses the situation:

Sitting at one of the banquettes along the wall I wondered…which are the power tables? Where’s Siberia? Marco and Mauro Maccioni once told me about a regular at Le Cirque 1.0, who always wanted the table in the front by the door. To her it was prime real estate, to them it was drafty. Seems one diner's Siberia is another's venue of choice. It may take some time to establish the habits of the new dinning room, to see who sits where. Or maybe it’s the whole place. It’s only 100 seats – and everybody wants to go. Could be wall-to-wall VIP. Sources say the media was in full attendance at the opening lunch today, so I'm sure someone will give us a road map soon.
Le Cirque seating roadmap tips encouraged to the tipline, svp.
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