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Snack Dragon Not Entirely Closed

The much-loved (and, shortly, much-mourned) Snack Dragon Taco Shack, gently encouraged to leave its Avenue B/Third Street location, isn't so much done as equally gently moving. To—according to Felix "Felix Salmon" Salmon—Coney Island:

The Taco Shack is dead; long live the Taco Shack!

For yes, the Snack Dragon Taco Shack has been reborn, sexier than ever, in... wait for it... Coney Island!

But wait. There's more. As if promises of train trips and Cyclone rides weren't enough to assuage the grumbling Snack Dragon-craving crowds, they're also (re)opening up just across the street. A tipster writes:
I talked to the proprietor of Snack Dragon last week, one of her last nights in business. She has been kicked out by the landlord of the building that her shack was appended to, but she is opening across Avenue B, in the old NYC Icy space (which she says closed because the owners didn't pay their rent during the winter months).
Grief, gone.
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