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Jay McInerney, Food Blog Genius

Is there a guiltier, more deeply awesome pleasure as of late than Jay McInerney's Dining Out food blog for House & Garden's website? No, of course there is not. Herewith, selected excerpts from recent posts:

· "Before and after sessions with my therapist, I've been discovering some great food and wine near his office on the very Lower East Side of Manhattan." [Therapy]

· "Still don't quite understand why, but Jaguar and The New York Times approached my publisher about throwing a dinner party to celebrate The Good Life, my new novel." [Eleven Madison Park]

· "Foodwise, I take it easy since I'm recovering from my latest flare up of diverticulitis." [Alison]

· "The challenge: dinner after the Van Morrison concert at Madison Square Garden. Preferably within walking distance... As it turned out Van Morrison took the stage promptly at 7:30 and left it promptly at 9, so we were sitting down an hour ahead of my 10:30 reservation. Van was sober; we had other plans." [Winning Bette]

· Dining Out [House & Garden]