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BruniBetting: A Voce

Tomorrow, Frankie Forks will have his way with A Voce. Today, the Eater oddsmakers have set the action as follows:

Zero Stars: 150-1
One Star: 15-1
Two Stars: EVEN
Three Stars: 15-1
Four Stars: 15,000-1
From the outset there has been more good than bad said about Andrew Carmellini's first solo effort, so this review will likely come down to how much Bruni is in the mood to appreciate an understated but expert approach to Italian cooking. Based on his early notes and December Diner's Journal on Cafe Boulud, two stars is all but a sure thing. There is an X factor here, namely, just how giddy is our man feeling? If even a little, the three star action -- Del Posto field day included -- is a decent bet; and if by giddy we mean cranky, one star isn't entirely impossible. All things considered, however, Eater is taking the even money this week.
· Peking Duck and Duck Meatballs [BruniBlog]
· A Voce [NYT; after 10 PM-ish]

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