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MePa Madness: Coins on the Cobblestones

The Meatpacking District is an odd place, certainly. Yet even we're capable of surprise at the latest the cobblestoned streets around West 14th and Ninth Avenue have to offer. Reports a tipster:

I typically sport the meatpacking clubs come Friday and Saturday night. I know, I know, but I actually have fun. And I have no problems with the doormen, especially Ross at PM, but we won ' t go into that now.

Anywho, for the past two weeks I 've been told that some asshole pulls up in a black towncar and dumps what must be I think thousands of pennies on the street. He told me that there's definitely two people in the car cos someone blows an air horn while he's dumping the change. Who is this? Marketing gimmick? Self-promoting New Yorker? Thought you might know who he might be.

I'm in marketing myself, so if you hear anything, please respond, don't know if you do that, but would love to figure it out. one of those things where you want to kick the guy's ass and also high five them for the idea.

To say we're intrigued would be an understatement. Who's got our intel?

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