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Eater UK: Amy Sacco is Coming

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Amy Sacco (recently of Bette fame), all but bored by NY now that between the hours of 11 PM and 4 AM she owns it, has set her sights on London, where she will soon open a members-only version of Bungalow 8. As part of the Nadine Johnson UK press push, this week the Telegraph has an egregiously long feature on Amy in which she talks about such things as the vision for Bungalow ("it's not just a nightclub. It's a philosophy") and the little known 'walk of shame' prevention sleepover kit she offers to regulars (condoms, sunglasses, toiletries and a pair of pants).

But, practically speaking, perhaps of greatest interest is what Sacco says about how to actually get into her clubs.

'Basically, if you're in the door, you're a VIP,' Sacco has said, which means that not everybody at Bungalow is necessarily famous, but if they're not, they're either very expensive-looking, or very, very cool. (If you're the world's hottest surfer and you show up with a killer tan and blonde dreads, fresh off the plane from Costa Rica, you'd probably get in. If you're in up from the suburbs, wearing last year's Prada, you probably won't.) 'What I do for a living is extremely specific,' says Sacco. 'It's elitist, but it's not necessarily about fame or money or power - it's about energy.'
This year's Pradas and good energy get you an anti-'walk of shame' kit. Got that, chaps?
· 24-hour Party Person [Telegraph]

Kalina shot above is of Bette, 8/30/05.

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