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Eater Outside: 230 Fifth

[Kalina, 5/3/06.]

It's Friday and 80 degrees out there, which means you'll need to be sitting outside with a cocktail in a few hours. Per chance have you heard of this 230 Fifth place?

2006_05_230fifthC.jpgWhen genius/bonkers art collector Steven Greenberg sells his controlling interest in the Gramercy Park Hotel to Ian Schraeger's people, the man needs a new project. A bigger, more luxuriously anachronistic one. That's where 230 Fifth comes in, a 14,000 sqare foot club situated on the top two floors of, yes, 230 Fifth Avenue. Opened to the public yesterday, the massive rooftop (pictured above) and penthouse (below) both run 4 PM to 4 AM every day of the week.

By the end of the month, Zac Pelaccio will be serving Malaysian food in a small dining room located within the club (pictured, still a work in progress, above right) and there will be rolling "Malay-carts" throughout the venue serving dim sum and such by the end of the month.

Though the aesthetic is not for everyone, and at this size crowd quality will be an issue, it's hard to imagine packing any more utility into one venue.

Further reading at URBANDADDY.


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