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The Shutter: Cedar Tavern Temporary Shutter, Raymond's Cafe, Continental, Roll-n-Roaster

The Shutter reports on restaurants and bars that have closed their doors for the last time. Seen a closure in your neighborhood? We'd like to hear about it.

2006_05_cedar.jpg1) Central Village: "Metro reports that the Cedar Tavern on University Place - a former haunt of Beat poets, Abstract painters, and NYU types - is closing for 6 months of renovations - namely, to add several stories of condos above the building, as well as to convert the 2nd floor bar area for condo use. The tavern will reopen in 6 months, sans 2nd floor and minus some 1st floor space (elevator lobby) Choice quote from the architect: 'We have to be careful not to destroy the restaurant.' (Missing tail end: 'because if we do, we'd have to make that into a condo too, I guess.')"

2) Chelsea: "Raymond's Cafe, a true neighborhood restaurant that had been a Chelsea fixture for the past 20 years, closed on Friday, April 28th. Regulars have been told that a new restaurant is planned, possibly French, but what the neighborhood needs is another Raymond's."

3) East Village: "Continental is converting to a sports bar complete with televisions and a pool table. The bartender said it will be lights out for the bands on August 26th. I'm in a band that plays there monthly and it really sucks that all the greats are closing. Maybe if the rock scene didn't suck so much."

4) East Village: Via Curbed, "The E. Village Roll-n-Roaster is indeed kaput. The sign came down sometime in the past few days, and a note in the window is redirecting hungry carnivores to Sheepshead Bay."