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Bullfrog & Baum: We're Moving! (Also: You're Not Invited!)

Among aspiring restaurateurs and deadline-crazed journalists, few people in this city wield the power of Jennifer Baum. For those who've forgotten our first meeting in this space, she heads Bullfrog & Baum, arguably the most powerful restaurant PR firm in New York. So when it comes time to announce B&B's move to a new office, one might expect gold-encrusted cards to arrive on silver platters. Instead, came this email:

To: [redacted]
Subject: We're Moving!
Charles Melcher, publisher of Melcher Media, and Charlie Palmer, renowned chef and restaurateur, are delighted to invite you to a private dinner prepared by Charlie Palmer in celebration, and preview, of the first-ever waterproof cookbook, Charlie Palmer's Practical Guide to the New American Kitchen.
June 13th at 7pm
[address redacted]
Followed by this email:
To: [redacted]
Subject: Email Error: We're Moving!
Please accept our apologies, but an email was recently sent to you in error. Please disregard the invitation that was inadvertanly included in the email. We are so sorry for any confusion.

The following information is correct: We're Moving! our New York offices The team at Bullfrog & Baum is setting up shop at a new downtown lily pad!
[address info redacted]

Um... ribbit!
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