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EaterWire (Always Breaking!)Stage Deli, Snack Dragon Close, Little Owl Opens, More

Introducing the EaterWire, a product of the Eater Labs™, our vast and capable, and vastly capable, R&D team, working ‘round the clock to keep you informed. EaterWire is where you'll find late-breaking news, especially on openings and closings. Where appropriate, EaterWire stories will subsequently appear elsewhere, such as in feature posts and Dish round-ups. The EaterWire exists so you don’t have to wait. We know you're intel junkies and we aim to please. As always, we thank you for doing your part.

· The Stage Deli is closed for unmitigated reason. "On the way home tonight I saw signs in the window of the Stage Deli saying they were closed for renovations (huge white signs), but a closer look showed the telltale yellow stickers from the Board of Health. [EaterWire]

· 12:01 AM EST report: "Snack dragon is no more." 2:27 PM EST: "Not sure if you've been notified already, but it appears that the Snack Dragon taco shack on Ave. B is no more!! Workers have been "dismantling" the shack since Monday...when I stopped and asked why it was closing, said workers responded, "the city." [EaterWire]

· Despite scattered reports to the contrary, Zum Schneider remains open. Closure yesterday and Monday was Memorial Day related. Venue is day-to-day, however, still fighting to keep its lease. [EaterWire]

· Little Owl opens tonight. From the owner, "tonight is official official." [EaterWire]

· Some news from 32nd St., where Kum Ryong, aka Golden Dragon, has closed to make way for Shanghai Mong, aka Shanghai Dream. More to come in the Dish and, surely, elsewhere. [Chowhound]

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