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Sundaes & Cones (Let The Summer Begin Edition)

In honor of the first business day of summer, let's begin with mention of the brand new Sundaes and Cones on 10th St. between Third and Fourth Aves.. It's quite new and early reviews are still trickling in, but, if nothing else, give the kids credit for perfect timing. Check it out, let us know.

BONUS ICE CREAMAGE:We thought we'd pass along the following reader recommendation, while we're on the subject. Plus, it's already climbed to the high 70s out there, just about the ideal temp for a two-scooper.

There must be time for a report on the best ice cream joint in NYC, CONES. My wife and I are there at least Friday and Saturday and sometimes we make it the trifecta and go all the way to Sunday. The ice cream and sorbets are the best I have tasted. Don't get fooled by the cheesy photos of cakes and ice cream that decorate the bland interior, just move right on to the ice cream and enjoy. It's summer, enough talk of Shake Shack and the played out Magnolia Cupcakes which have been overrated for years now, get yourself some Cones ice cream.

Ahead, an exterior shot of Sundaes and Cones.