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Chinatown Brasserie Marathon 'F&F' Ends

The marathon Friends & Family at Chinatown Brasserie, which started with Chef's Night Out on May 8th, finally ended this past weekend. From McDonald himself: "the soft of soft openings is over and today, we open for dinner."

Given this window, you can be sure we secured a couple of early photos -- though the Kalinas still to come -- and some dining reports. Above, the early snap shots; here, a rather glowing report from the penultimate night of previews:

Had a great dinner there Saturday- Let Steven Eckler, one of the best GM'S in business (Lever House, The Harrison, Eleven Madison Park), do the ordering.

Dumplings fabulous and not greasy - Steamed Shrimp with pea shoots - Shrimp with leeks steamed and then lightly pan fried and old fashioned pork buns - best ever.

Thai Beef Salad with chinese cabbage - good but not as well defined

Chicken Sung with lettuce and crispy shrimp crackers - really excellent

Much more ahead.
Mussels very good

Peking Duck better than Mainland and certainly as good as Shun Lee

Chicken with Mushrooms in light white sauce - wonderful

spicy Chicken with string beans and bamboo shoots - very possibly too spicy

steamed bronzino with ginger - probably the best fish of its kind we have ever had

desserts iffy need work

service excellent

The preview items: Eater Ply, NYT, Juli B, Urbandaddy, Thrillist.

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